Los Angeles County Sheriff's Detective
Homicide Bureau

Born Tallulah Louella Donovan, the petite homicide detective went strictly by “Lou” to anyone other than her mother or uncle. Those others who preferred keeping all their teeth securely in their mouths called her “Lou”. Though Lou would never be mistaken for a fashion model, she was a far cry from plain. Rich auburn hair, cut in a severe a-line bob, framed delicate almost elfish features. Sharp green eyes, the color of good imperial jade, could spot a mouse hiccuping fifty yards away in the dark. At a mere five feet, four inches tall, she could take down and hog tie a two-hundred and fifty pound tweaker in under a minute. It was well known among the ranks that this fifth generation cop was all business and not someone to be taken at face value.

- Shadows of Doubt, Chapter One


Detective Lou is such a strong character and I loved her wit and banter with the people around her. She is definitely someone that I would love to meet in real life. Caroline was so cute and I loved how dedicated she as to her friend. All of the characters were very well put together and I loved everyone of them.

I would recommend this to any one who likes mystery/thriller books with a twist of romance.

BookwormGirl - Amazon Reviewer
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