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Detective Vincenzo DeLuca was a formidable looking man. His thick, shoe-black hair was mercilessly slicked back as usual, but the silver at his temples seemed more prominent today. His aquiline features screamed of his Roman heritage. In fact, Lou had once asked her step-father why he had a marble bust of Vinny in his study, only to be told it was a bust of Augustus Caesar. Today, however, he looked like a tired Caesar.

- Shadows of Doubt, Chapter One


Detective Lou is such a strong character and I loved her wit and banter with the people around her. She is definitely someone that I would love to meet in real life. Caroline was so cute and I loved how dedicated she as to her friend. All of the characters were very well put together and I loved everyone of them.

I would recommend this to any one who likes mystery/thriller books with a twist of romance.

BookwormGirl - Amazon Reviewer
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