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Detective Vincenzo DeLuca was a formidable looking man. His thick, shoe-black hair was mercilessly slicked back as usual, but the silver at his temples seemed more prominent today. His aquiline features screamed of his Roman heritage. In fact, Lou had once asked her step-father why he had a marble bust of Vinny in his study, only to be told it was a bust of Augustus Caesar. Today, however, he looked like a tired Caesar.

- Shadows of Doubt, Chapter One


After you finish this book and close the cover, one word will come out of your mouth. “Wow!”

You will be left with a lot to think about.

The mystery, the humor, the history, the fear, the sentiment, the intelligence, the plausibility, the romance, the love, and the terror. All these emotions come together in this first of a series that satisfies the ardent mystery reader but at the same time leaves you wanting the second book, right now.

C. Keene - Amazon Reviewer
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